Visit to Loewen Gardens Farmers’ Market

In New York City, I was a bit spoiled for choice when it came to finding locally grown produce. My favorite greenmarkets were Fort Washington market (Tuesdays) and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza market (Wednesdays).

There is not much locally grown produce on this tiny island. Yes, there are farms to the north of the country, but they are small and can hardly provide for 4.8 million residents. Most produce here is imported from around the region—Malaysia, Thailand, China, Australia—and beyond.

I’m not a militant locavore but do try to eat regionally and seasonally as much as possible. When I saw a listing for a farmers’ market in a recent issue of Time Out Singapore, I grabbed my Envirosax and my camera, and jumped on the bus.

o o o o o

The Loewen Gardens Farmers’ Market is less about “farmers” and more about creative “food crafters” who make Singapore home.

These scones were baked by the folks at The Pantry, the cafe and cooking school behind the twice a month market:

Cute hair pins by Min of Honest Vanilla:

Gingerbread man by Samuel Chan of Sam’s Cakes and Bakes:

Sam told me that he has been baking for nearly seven years. He had a number of vegetarian (egg-free) and vegan (dairy-free) loaves for sale. His blog is fun. And he offers baking classes!

Homemade cookies by Sarah’s Kitchen:

Sarah is the artist behind the lovely blog, Sarah’s Loft, and her table had cookies, candies, tarts, brownies, and muffins as well.

In exchange for the picture above, one of Sarah’s friends, Ronan, gave me a bite of his just-baked olive and sun-dried tomato loaf. It was delicious; many thanks for the pre-breakfast snack!

Would I go back? For sure! There is a bottle of ginger jam by Organic Himalaya Produce in my future.