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11264985_1685118445041658_7070373031217667107_nI recently stumbled upon Wander Journals, “a guide for inspired destinations in Southeast Asia.” The site, its founders write, features “a curated selection of cafes, shops, hotels, restaurants and points of interest.” They add, “We are a group of friends who share the same passion for traveling and we created this site in the hopes of sharing our thoughts with fellow travelers who value depth and beauty in their journeys. Our site aims to show our readers that sophisticated impressions need not mean expensive charges. We provide a discerning view of our favorite places in each area through our city guides. It is our aim to enable our readers to experience the best a city has to offer.”

While some of Wander Journals’ travel photography is rather predictable, several photo-essays are quite inspired, including “Discovering Bike Trails and Joy,” on bicycles and Singapore, by Jean Paolo Ty.

Wander Journals invites submissions, but pays only in kind words and “exposure.” Still, it’s a beautiful platform on which to showcase one’s travel writing/photography.

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More Flora and Fauna!


Yep, more entries.

  1. We saw several sea poison trees (Barringtonia asiatica) with their large pinkish-white, pom-pom helter-skelter in Woodlands Industrial Park (above). These spectacular flowers give off a sickly sweet smell to attract bats and moths, which pollinate the trees at night. Sea poisons trees are listed as “Critically Endangered” in the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore.
  2. The Preschooler spotted a Javanese grasshopper (Valanga nigricornis) atop a dustbin near her school. This yellowish-brown locust is huge, and I flinched when it darted at us. Its hind wings are a deep rose color, and we had the chance to marvel at them as it flew away.

Happy 2016!


In years past, I’ve challenged myself to complete some sort of year-long creative/educational endeavor. So, in 2016, I hope to up my Instagram game!

Earlier this year, I was gifted an Olympus OM-D E-M10, a compact system camera, and I really love its small, sleek, solid body. More recently, I purchased a faster prime lens (my preferred lens on my DSLR): the Olympus M.Zuiko 25mm f/1.8 lens. It is a nifty lens; I love the focal length (50mm in 35mm standards) and it handles extremely low lighting well.

Now, to follow some inspirational Instagrammers…

o o o o o

To you and yours: Happy 2016! I wish you immense happiness and boundless creativity this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


‘Tis the season… to sign off of social media for a bit and take stock of the year gone by.

To my readers who celebrate Christmas: May this holiday season bring you and your loved ones much joy.

All: Have a wonderful time ringing in 2016.

See you in the new year!

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Singapore friends, do check out my Singapore-inspired holiday gift guide! I’ve tried to find things for every budget and personality and I very much hope you enjoy it.

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(Additional credits: Stamford Road by Unknown via The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This albumen silver print [from a glass negative] was a gift to the museum. Tinsel brush via Pugly Pixel.)

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


Several weeks ago, we visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve… again. It is a spot that I frequently recommend to friends and family who pass through town, as it is a jewel of an ecosystem where we have spotted exotic migratory birds like whimbrels and plovers and resident herons and sunbirds. On this visit, we managed to follow, from afar, an estuarine crocodile from sea to inland!

The 1-kilometer long Mangrove Boardwalk, which winds its way through the mangrove trees, is just perfect for The Toddler who can hike a little over a mile comfortably before asking to be carried. The photograph above was taken not far from Platform 2, on the banks of Sungei Bilabong Buloh near Pulau Buloh.

(I’ve posted additional photographs to Instagram. [Yes, finally.])

Along The Golden Mile: A Photographic Installation by Darren Soh


discovered Darren Soh’s architecture and landscape photography years ago, and I have been a fan of his Andreas Gursky-esque works ever since. In fact, last year, we purchased a print by Darren in celebration of our tenth anniversary.

o o o o o

Earlier today, I visited Along The Golden Mile: A Photographic Installation by Darren at Objectifs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking. Here, Darren “aims to blur the lines between art and architecture as he explores the district, [rich in architectural heritage], in this photographic exhibition. Details, façade designs and even explicit and/or implicit signs of human inhabitation and intervention in the built landscape are revealed to viewers as they immerse themselves in the floor-to-ceiling sized prints.” On the open air roof-top of Objectifs, bird’s-eye (drone’s-eye) prints show landscaping, building layout and public spaces.

These grandiose photographs possess rigor and criticality, and they do not reveal themselves in a moment. They are dense with sharp detail; take your time with them. There is much beauty to ogle here.

Along The Golden Mile closes on February 18, 2015.