Chasing Flowers by Yanyun Chen

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I’ve been a fan of visual artist Yanyun Chen’s work since we met several years ago. Then, she introduced me to Delere Press, a boutique print-on-demand publisher of art books, where she is founding editor. Since, I’ve been following her explorations with charcoal on paper: “How far can one go with a line, a stroke, a shape, a light, a shadow, an area, a turn, a form, a subject, an object, a trace, a place, a space, an empty whiteness where the paper takes its stance and refuses to leave, refuses to stay?” she asks her viewers.

Her latest exhibition, Chasing Flowers, which opens tonight at NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House, is a series of drawings investigating light and atmosphere through floral still-life. Her images were created in tribute to memento mori paintings and the vanitas still-life tradition, however, her flowers are drawn without colour and not from photographs, but while bearing witness to their withering. “Still-life drawings that are no longer still, but in the midst of dying,” she says.

Her images are both haunting and inviting. Tonight’s opening will also feature a dialogue with the artist. Go check it out!

(Credits: From top to bottom: Flowers I (2014), Nitram Charcoal on Fabriano Roma paper; Dorian Gray (2015), from a site specific installation at The Mill; Flowers III (2014), Nitram Charcoal on Fabriano Roma paper. All images via Yanyun Chen Drawings.)