Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel by Fleur Vella-Chang


The Preschooler and I read a new book the other evening—Afternoon Tea at Raffles Hotel. The board book, the first I’ve seen that is set in Singapore, asks: what do the animals from the Singapore Zoo do on their day off? (They meet for cake and tea at Raffles Hotel, of course.)

The book highlights Singapore’s most recognisable icons and landmarks—the Merlion, Changi Airport, its shophouses—and is the perfect Singapore souvenir or gift for families with new babies. Young readers will relish Vella-Chang’s cheeky illustrations, and the vibrancy of Singapore and its flora and fauna.

Australia-born graphic designer Vella-Chang now lives in Singapore where she “[spot]s an Oriental Pied Hornbill or a handsome grey monkey looking suspiciously at me through my living room window.” She sounds like my sort of gal!

Many thanks to Ethos Books for sending this delightful, little book our way.

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