Holi 2016


In previous years, we celebrated Holi, a Hindu spring festival, at Kampong Kembangan Community Club. This year, we opted to celebrate closer to home, and also to return to “Holi: Colours of Spring,” the Esplanade’s second annual weekend-long Holi celebration, which we enjoyed very much in 2015.

On Saturday evening, we bopped to “Holi Pichkari,” a selection of Holi-themed Bollywood and Indi-pop (i.e. “Made in India”) tunes by Crossroad Traffic, an Indian rock band. They were really good. The band formed in 2009 and combines the influences of Bollywood, rock, and South Asian classical music. I hope I can catch them around town again!

On Sunday, our condominium hosted a small Holi celebration—with homemade food and without dodgy coloured powder—in one of our parking lots, and I conducted a egg-decorating activity inspired by the holidays (Holi and Easter; see above). We painted eggs—hard-boiled or papier-mâché or styrofoam—with craft glue, and splattered with colored powder.

And on Sunday evening, we returned to “Holi: Colours of Spring” for “Swara Rangavali,” a Hindustani vocal semi-classical medley, performed by Kalyani Puranik and her students at the Temple of Fine Arts. We stayed for two (!) sets of traditional Holi songs in various Hindustani genres, including hori, kajri, and phag. The highlight, for me, was a moving rendition of Abida Parveen’s take on Mohay Rang De (composed by Pegham Qalander).

Happy Holi! Blessed Easter! Happy Spring!

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