I Voted! [UPDATED]


(I posted this to Facebook earlier this week, but since my account is personal/private, friends suggested I throw this up on notabilia as well.)

I voted!

On Monday, I voted in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary, which allows U.S. citizens overseas to vote via e-mail, fax (hello, 1998!), and postal voting. The best way to participate in the Global Presidential Primary, however, is by voting in-person at one of 121 official Voting Centers in more than 40 countries during the week of March 1 to March 8.

On Monday, voters could cast their ballots from 7pm to 10pm at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on Bukit Timah Road. This is the first year that Singapore has held an in-person primary, I was told.

Voters may only vote once for a presidential candidate: either through Democrats Abroad, or through their home state. Those who vote in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary may continue to participate in their home state’s primary or caucus for all other candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, and also for state and local elections and ballot measures, but they cannot vote twice for a presidential candidate. Obvs.

Democrats Abroad will send a total of 21 delegates to the Democratic National Convention to be held in Philadelphia in July.

Democrats Abroad Lion City said they had a “remarkable turn out last night for our first ever in Singapore Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary voting center.” 114* Democrats in Singapore came out to cast their ballots, a 15% increase over the 2008 Global Presidential Primary result, when Democrats in Singapore were only able to cast their ballots via the internet. They expect that at least another 20% more ballots from Lion City Democrats will have been posted, faxed, or emailed in by the time voting ends at 7am on Wednesday, March 9 (Singapore time). 

Here are Monday’s results:

– Hillary Clinton: 68 votes
– Bernie Sanders: 45 votes
– Uncommitted: 1 vote

A final tally for Democrats Abroad Lion City voters will be known after all the postal, email and faxed ballots are counted. Democrats Abroad (worldwide) expects to announce the result on/around March 21, 2016.

* Some perspective—there are some 25,000 U.S. citizens in Singapore. There are so few Democrats here; most Americans who I meet are Republicans who like to extoll the virtues of Ted Cruz :P.

UPDATE: Over 34,500 voters cast their ballots in 38 countries. Bernie Sanders received 69% of the vote, and Hillary Clinton, 31%. Sanders was allocated nine delegates, and Clinton, four. Three of the group’s eight superdelegates are committed to Clinton, while one is committed to Sanders.