Samarkand by Kala Pata

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I blogged about graphic designer Amreen Rahman’s stationery and accessory company launch, Kala Pata, in 2014. Since then, Amreen and I have become friends and I have seen her lovely family and her fantastic business grow! Next month, she will launch her second collection—Samarkand.

The collection is inspired by “the city of Samarkand which was at the heart of the Silk Route,” says Amreen. “The Silk Route was an ancient network of roads initially for trade, but quickly became the beacon of cultural and artistic exchange between the West and the East.”

Kala Pata’s products include lacquer boxes, trays, and oversize clutches (want!).

Kala Pata is currently stocked at Isetan Scotts, the Peranakan Museum gift shop, and Naiise.

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