The Amazing Sarong by Quek Hong Shin


Back in November, at Singapore Writers’ Festival, my family and I attended Epigram Books’ “Children’s Picture Book” launch event, where we heard Quek Hong Shin, a graphic designer and illustrator, read from his first picture book, The Amazing Sarong.

I really love this quiet, gentle book. In it, Nora and Adi discover what unexpected fun, joy and new encounters the sarong can bring. The illustrations are vibrant and energetic, and The Preschooler asks me to read it over and over again. (And, of course, it explores similar themes as my picture book, so what’s not to like?) My only complaint is that I wish the book featured protagonists in a contemporary setting rather than in a “kampong” setting, as so few commercially-published fiction titles feature non-Chinese children in present-day Singapore. Still, The Amazing Sarong is a very welcome addition to our bookshelves.

The Amazing Sarong is available online from Epigram Books (SG$14.90). Many thanks to the publisher for sending this lovely book my way!