Five Years in Singapore

Final Eps-01

Five years ago on Saturday, we left our beloved New York City for adventure in Singapore; we landed in Changi International Airport at 6:00AM on November 2, 2010. So, today: a post to commemorate this milestone.

Never in a million years did I think we’d stay in Singapore for more than twelve or eighteen months, that I’d raise a child so far away from home. But, as they say, life had other plans. Living overseas has been a humbling experience, one that has taught me much about myself and my place in the world. The past half decade has included moments of joy, anger, frustration, ambivalence, loneliness, inspiration, confusion, and wonder, and I am most grateful to the friends who have opened their hearts and homes to me in these times.

So, cheers… to five more years?

(Additional credits: Illustration by Ivan Woo.)