Raising Readers at Sassy Mama Singapore


I’m over at Sassy Mama Singapore with tips for sparking a love of reading in your children, a list of our favorite Singapore children’s books, a discussion of “window books” and “mirror books,” and a list of our favorite libraries and bookstores on this sunny island.

An excerpt:

[Research] has shown reading aloud to young children reinforces her emerging literacy and language development, and bolsters our relationship and attachment. Reading [to her] improves her vocabulary, her ability to read independently (when she is developmentally ready), and fosters a lifelong love of books and reading.

Once she is an independent reader (my child is far from this!), reading for pleasure becomes a worthwhile activity in and of itself, no doubt. However, there is considerable international research evidence that reading for pleasure (independent choice-led reading) is a strong predictor of reading fluency. Reading improves general knowledge and comprehension, and contributes to a rich vocabulary across the curriculum. Reading will allow her to gather information about the world and how she fits into it, supporting identity exploration and mediating the challenges of her non-mainstream identities. Lastly, reading literature in particular will excite and develop her imagination, and aids the development of empathy, key in her social and emotional education.

When other parents ask me how to best select books for their child/building their child’s library, I tell them to consider these top line developmental and literacy milestones. Remember that each child’s development is unique and complex, and, although children generally develop through a predictable sequence of milestones, they may not proceed through these steps in the same way or at the same time.

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