Ganeshotsav 2015


We celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival in honour of the elephant-headed deity Ganesh, this weekend. The Preschooler adores Ganesh, as is evident by the clay idol she crafted (above) as her offering.

This year, we joined Maharashtra Mandal Singapore’s annual “Ganeshotsav,” a five-day festival held at the Global Indian International School’s Queenstown campus. The modern festival involves installing clay images of Ganesh in public pandals, or temporary shrines, which are worshipped for ten days. The images are then, at the end of the festival, immersed in a body of water (visarjan). My parents grew up in Maharashtra and this regional celebration is part of our family’s religious practice, but we don’t perform the vijarjan. It’s so environmentally unsound! Instead, we dunk the idol in a pot of water to signify the immersion.

The final aarti, or offering of light, is tonight at 7:00pm!