Music and Movement with Chowk


I’m always on the hunt for developmentally appropriate arts education opportunities for The Preschooler, especially those which can serve as a window to and mirror of her rich, diverse ethnic heritage. (Professional-quality Mandarin-lanaguage early childhood opportunities [theatre, for example] are abundant in Singapore, as are the Western arts [ballet, violin, etc.]. Far less so for other art forms.)

This weekend, we attended a session of an ongoing Odissi-inspired music and movement class with the inimitable Raka Maitra of CHOWK and, OH MY GOODNESS, it was good. Raka was cognizant of her very young student’s physical (gross motor and fine motor) limits, attention spans, and creative capabilities. She introduced  hasta mudras to the children in playful ways and encouraged them to “choreograph” as well. And, most of all, I was impressed with Raka’s respect for her students’ sense of self and sense of play.

We hope to return next week despite the fact that The Preschooler was a little shy today and hesitant to participate in the activities. If you are keen on bringing a young person in your care to the next class, contact Raka via Facebook.