Butterflies and Birds


80280203.xi0hpdH8.DSC_524201 We recently added two more entries in our nature journal!

We spotted a male Sumatran sunbeam butterfly (Curetis saronis sumatrans) in Pasir Ris Park in May. From afar, it looked like a silvery-white moth, but as we got closer and it fluttered away, we marveled at its distinctive orange and black markings. This species is quite common in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Kranji Nature Trail, Pasir Ris Park, and Pulau Ubin, and has a habit of hanging off the underside of leaves.

Also in May, a square-tailed drongo-cuckoo (Surniculus lugubris) flew past our noses on Bukit Timah Road, not far from Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and perched on a streetside tree, where we got a better look. This species is migratory, and its black glossy plumage is truly spectacular.

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