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A friend in the United States recently gave birth and I sent her my go-to parent/caregiver gift—a five-month gift subscription to NatureBox, an online subscription service for healthy snack food  “It’s always difficult for me to keep up with enough healthy food while I’m nursing,” she writes. “I think my biggest worry will be having to share with K and L [her two older children]!”

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I recently stumbled upon BoxGreen Singapore, a nearly identical service*, while searching for a gift for a first-time parent friend here. For SG$19.90 per month, subscribers receive four natural and wholesome snacks delivered to home or office, and boxes can be customized with items from a selection of 20+ wholesome options. BoxGreen also sells individual snack packs.

While Boxgreen’s offerings include ordinary and overpriced almonds and pistachios, the company’s in-house line of products—”MacRitchie Midnight” (dark chocolate nibs, hazelnuts, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds, “best eaten while stranded in the dark depths of Macritchie at midnight”) and “Cheng Tng” (dried longans, wolf berries, and lotus seeds)—sound rather tasty! I haven’t actually tasted BoxGreen’s in-house line, however, so I can’t vouch for its quality.

Founders Walter Oh and Andrew Lim launched the company with the aim to help office drones beat the 3pm crash. But I think it is the perfect gift for breastfeeding mothers and stressed-out students (both equally as busy and working). BoxGreen currently does not sell gift certificates for their subscription service, but does sell gift boxes, such as this one which retails for SG$25.00 and contains four full-sized packs (80 grams) of their top-selling sweet and savory snacks.

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* Even its brand’s capitalization is the same!

(UPDATE: Aiyah, someone accused me of not revealing “advertorial” content. I don’t do “content.” This is a personal blog, and BoxGreen was a random find. I suspect that they haven’t been reading me for very long!)

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