Postcards from Melbourne, Yarra Yarra Valley, and the Great Ocean Road

 I’m once again over at momfilter, a lifestyle blog for families created by Pilar Guzmán and Yolanda Edwards, the founding editors of the now-defunct but still-beloved Cookie Magazine. “Postcards from Melbourne, Yarra Yarra Valley, and the Great Ocean Road” is the fifth of several short reflections on travel and family.

An excerpt:

What I miss most about the life in the United States now that we live in Singapore is that great American pastime, the road trip. Long, leisurely road trips were a fixture of my childhood, and I’ve seen much of the United States east of the Mississippi River and eastern Canada. We would drive hundreds of miles on the countries’ most iconic highways with the windows rolled down, examining crumpled maps from AAA and playing the License Plate Game.

So, in an effort to recreate those experiences for our preschooler, now with smart phone rather than Rand McNally map in tow, we flew to Australia, where the U.S. Dollar is currently very strong against the Aussie Dollar, to experience the charming waterfront towns, the stunning vistas, and the rugged cliffs of Victoria State from behind the wheel of an automobile.

We spent three nights in Melbourne, one night in Yarra Valley, one of Melbourne’s many wine countries, and two nights on The Great Ocean Road, a 243-kilometer stretch of road along the coast between the Victorian cities of Torquay and Allansford and one of the world’s most scenic coastal touring routes.

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