The Magic Treetop


Earlier today, The Preschooler and I once again returned to the Esplanade for The Magic Treetop, a PLAYtime! production.

PLAYtime! is an interactive theatre series for children aged two to four. The Magic Treetop, which invites children on an treetop adventure starring a robin, a swarm of bees, a scurry of squirrels, and an army of ants, is directed by Chow Keat Yeng and features memorable music by Stan X Soap.

The Magic Treetop had the same strengths (brilliant acting, inventive sets) and weaknesses (an incoherent narrative, spiritless puppetry) of several previous PLAYtime! productions. But those flaws matter little to a three-year-old! She was enchanted by the set’s visual elements and lighting design and the opportunity to touch props and puppets. She participated in the performance’s interactive portions with delight and verve. We’ve already purchased tickets for PLAYtime!’s next production, The Magic Jungle!

The Magic Treetop closes on February 13. Weekday performances are at 9:30AM and 11AM. Weekend performances are at 11AM, 2PM, and 4PM.

(The Magic Treetop was previously staged in Mandarin [奇幻树顶] as part of the 2013 edition of Huayi, the Esplanade’s annual Chinese festival of arts, and in English in 2011. I hadn’t realized that PLAYtime! had a repertoire of productions; I had assumed they were all brand, spanking new!)