Girl Overboard! Everything’s Coming Up Rosie by Sheri Tan and Illustrated by Fernando Hierro


Girl Overboard! Everything’s Coming Up Rosie by Sheri Tan and Illustrated by Fernando Hierro is the third (and final?) installment in a series of middle-grade novels about Rosie Smith, a mixed-race, third culture child who has moved from New York City to Singapore. In Everything’s Coming Up Rosie, the eponymous protagonist and her friends, Pink and Ben, take on water polo, student council, and Rosie’s nemesis, Sharon (again).

Everything’s Coming Up Rosie is a sweet denouement to the series: Rosie reaches a détente with Sharon and Tracey, Rosie’s mother, perfects her laksa recipe. Tracey, too, is caught between cultures, and is reconciling what it means to be “Singaporean” after living in the United States for decades; this is the richest subplot in the book and one that has resonated with many adult readers of the series, including myself!

But I WANT MORE and I Facebooked this sentiment to the author, Sheri Tan. There are so few books about third culture children and/or immigrants in the Singapore literary landscape AND so few, if any, that feature a fully-realized multicultural, multinational, multiracial cast of characters. (Pink is Singaporean Indian, for example, and she is NOT just a visual supplement or plot device, but a full and wonderful character.)

So… more books, Sheri? Please?