Imprint: New Works by Suzann Victor


Imprint is an exceptional exhibition of works produced by Suzann Victor, one of Singapore’s most distinguished artists, during her residency at Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2014, notable more so because Victor is a practitioner for whom printmaking is unfamiliar in her studio practice. Victor is “new to me,” and I was gobsmacked by the beauty and technique on display in this show. Imprint is a showcase Victor’s skills as an abstract painter and installation artist; it incorporates site-specifity, light, kinetics, and the peculiarities of materiality.

In “The Art of Inversion: Seeing Backwards, Thinking Forward, Making Oblique,” an essay in a uniquely bound (a pamphlet bound into a belly band) exhibition catalogue, Dr. Susie Lingham, Director of the Singapore Art Museum, writes, “Her work unfurls from a deep awareness of the distinctive qualities of stuff, the fluidity of form, and the very real tangibility of color. This innate ability and sensibility brings sensuous materiality, unique forms, and conceptual structure together, giving rise to intellectually informed works that are also at once strikingly beautiful, and full of nuanced presence.”

So, in short: GO (especially if you are looking for an excuse to get away from nosy family this Chinese New Year lol)! Imprint closes on Saturday, February 21.

(Additional credits: Holding 2 (2014). Decollage and weaving on layered paper pulp. 91cm × 294 cm.)