I Carry Your Heart by Nirmala Seshadri and Neewin Hershall


A friend and I checked out “I Carry Your Heart,” a site-specific, multidisciplinary, experimental dance theatre work at National University Heart Centre, earlier this evening. “I Carry Your Heart,” choreographed by Bharatnatyam dancers Nirmala Seshadri and Neewin Hershal, was inspired by both the e. e. cummings’ poem and the stone sculptures of Tan Swie Hian in National University Heart Centre’s Sculpture Garden. Nirmala, Neewin, and Syv Bruzeau (guest artist and Butoh trainer) explored the ideas of release and rejuvenation through the vocabulary, both physical and auditory, of Bharatnatyam and Butoh. They were accompanied by Vishnu Veluri (bansuri), Samuel Wong (pipa), and Johnny Chia (guzheng).

The audience was encouraged to follow the performers as they traversed the Sculpture Garden and responded to the carved works and reflecting pools. At one point, my friend and I found ourselves literally in the center of the performance, with the dancers’ undulating limbs just centimeters from our bodies. It made for an unforgettable viewing experience!

I appreciated the performance’s sensuality, and Nirmala and Neewin were mesmerizing to watch. “I Carry Your Heart” will be staged again on Friday, February 13 at 7:30pm. Go! It’s quite a treat.