Along The Golden Mile: A Photographic Installation by Darren Soh


discovered Darren Soh’s architecture and landscape photography years ago, and I have been a fan of his Andreas Gursky-esque works ever since. In fact, last year, we purchased a print by Darren in celebration of our tenth anniversary.

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Earlier today, I visited Along The Golden Mile: A Photographic Installation by Darren at Objectifs Centre for Photography and Filmmaking. Here, Darren “aims to blur the lines between art and architecture as he explores the district, [rich in architectural heritage], in this photographic exhibition. Details, façade designs and even explicit and/or implicit signs of human inhabitation and intervention in the built landscape are revealed to viewers as they immerse themselves in the floor-to-ceiling sized prints.” On the open air roof-top of Objectifs, bird’s-eye (drone’s-eye) prints show landscaping, building layout and public spaces.

These grandiose photographs possess rigor and criticality, and they do not reveal themselves in a moment. They are dense with sharp detail; take your time with them. There is much beauty to ogle here.

Along The Golden Mile closes on February 18, 2015.