Sacha & Sons and Two Men Bagel House


So, why am I blogging about bagels when carb-o-licious Asian breakfasts (pratas and kaya toasts and appams, oh my!) are better and cheaper than any non-Asian breakfast in Singapore? Well, friends prodded me to try two new-ish cafes that have bagels on their menus. And I did. This post is for them.

Sacha & Sons is a New York City-syle Jewish delicatessen and serves up corned beef, pastrami, matzoh ball soup, latkes, and chopped liver, among other delicatessen staples. Their pastrami brisket is cooked for hours and then steamed on premise in custom made steamers so the color, flavor, texture, and temperature render the briskets ready for hand carving.

I sampled their black sesame seed bagel with smoked salmon, herb cream cheese, red onions, and capers (SG$16.00!!) and was underwhelmed. I expect bagels to be dense, chewy, and doughy; Sacha & Sons’ bagel was soft and sweet. Co-owner Guy Wachs (awesome dude) said he’d take my feedback into consideration as they tweaked their bagel recipe; their aim is to be “authentic” as possible.

Two Men Bagel House‘s menu is all bagels, all the time. Here, I ordered a rye bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, fresh dill, and capers (SG$11.90). (This bagel is also topped with pickled beets, which I omitted.) Despite not advertising its bagels as “New York City-style,” Two Men Bagel House’s in-house boiled and baked bagels are a much closer approximation to their inspiration.

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In 2012, I blogged about Mama Bagel, homemade bagels by Jennifer Harrison, a New York native, which were once available at Sarnies, a cafe on Telok Ayer Street. As far as I know, Jennifer is no longer baking (sad face).