The Big Draw Singapore: It’s Our World at Gillman Barracks

Big Draw Flyer Back Pathed

We joined Playeum for or The Big Draw Singapore: It’s Our World on Sunday at Gillman Barracks.

And it was the most fun we and The Toddler had had in a long while.

The Big Draw offered enjoyable, and free, drawing activities that connected people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists, designers, illustrators, and each other. The Big Draw Singapore presented original art works and interactive installations by a number of Singapore-based artists and creative professionals. The Toddler spent hours drawing on a tree made of corrugated cardboard and paper towel rolls in “Colours of the Jungle,” a mural project by Eve Tan, art curator. Equally engaging (and visually striking to this educator) were Shiyun’s “Land Before Time,” a sculpture installation that invited children to use the technique of paper maché and found objects to create an imaginary landscape, and, similarly, Madhvi Subrahmanian’s “Raindrops,” also a sculpture illustration that invited children to use the technique of pottery hand building to create a forest of “trees.”

We also spent a lot of time in the building’s courtyard, where artists and volunteers had erected sensory stations (sand table, etc.) for the very young.

Truly, I was more than impressed by this event. Again, and soon, please?

I read from my picture book, Mama’s Saris, and others on Sunday, but the space was not conducive to storytelling. Still, it was a honor to participate!

o o o o o

Playeum is Singapore’s only non-profit educational organization that emphasizes hands-on engagement and learning through experience, employing play as a tool to spark children’s inherent creativity, curiosity, and imagination. Over the past six years, Playeum has reached over 50K families, developed 150 programs, and trained 550 educators.

Playeum aims to raise SG$3.2M to develop a permanent “Centre for Creativity.” (Because the State [NHB? NAC? MOE?] does not consider such a space important, I suppose its creation becomes the responsibility of private entities.) With these funds, Playeum also hopes to reach 275K families, develop 500 programs, and train 3,000 educators over the next five years. It is an ambitious goal, but attainable with the help of like-minded educators and parents (like me). I have put my money where my mouth is, as it were. I want to help create time and space for children to play. Do you?