Changi Point Coastal Walk

Sungei_Changi_panorama,_Jul_06On a tip from a Twitter friend, we visited Changi Point today. She had read a post several weeks ago, in which I told readers that a short walk near water calms my anxious mind, and immediately recommended this healing stroll. We walked a segment of the 2.2-kilometer rickety boardwalk, from Changi Sailing Club to Changi Creek.

From Changi Creek, on the southern bank of Sungei Changi, one can see bumboats ferrying visitors to and from Singapore’s offshore islands. One can also spot the Civil Service Club, which was built by Manassah Meyer, better-known for erecting Chesed-El Synagogue on Oxley Rise. During the Japanese Occupation, the bungalow complex was used to house prisoners of war.

The walk offers breathtaking views of Pulau Ubin. Every few steps, we stopped, either to inhale the aromas of the salty sea and jasmine flowers that lined several stretches of the boardwalk or listen to the calls of black-naped terns that flew overhead.