A Drawing Show at Yeo Workshop


PSA: Go check out A Drawing Show at Yeo Workshop in Gillman Barracks. I say this not because its curator, Louis Ho, is a friend, but because it is one of the most unique visual arts shows that I’ve seen in some time.

A Drawing Show asks: In a landscape dominated by visual forms such as installation, performance, video and photography, why do artists continue to draw? Does contemporary drawing involve more than mere pencil and paper? How else can “drawing” be conceived, and where does drawing end and painting or performance begin?

A Drawing Show is “an attempt to provide a concise take on the medium in Southeast Asia today, a view of the realities and possibilities of drawing. From pencil-on-paper works, to structural interventions, to conceptual approaches to mark-making, we witness a progressive shift away from the object to the body, from an emphasis on the visual complex to the gestural force that animates it.”

The show features the work of four artists: Singaporeans Ian Woo, Wong Lip Chin, and Boedi Widjaja, and Bangkok-based Jaitip Jaidee. Jaidee’s drawings on wood are striking. Her works examine the place of materiality—the expression or condition of physical substance—in our visual age and represent both a physical and conceptual engagement with the material(s) of her choice.

The exhibition catalog is a must read as well. It features “An Essay on Draw-ing,” a disquisition on the practice and the implications of drawing in Singapore in the twenty-first century, and thoughtful interviews with each of the artists on their drawing practices.

A Drawing Show closes on September 14. Go!