Singapore Poetry: All Things Poetic About Singapore


Speaking of New York City, Singapore, literature, &c…

I stumbled upon Singapore Poetry, a blog, perhaps, in late 2013. I then wrote to the blogger, poet Jee Leong Koh, and told him that I noticed that we were writing about many of the same topics—Singapore literature, performing and fine arts, music, film, design, landscape, people, and food—but I, from the perspective of a New Yorker in Singapore, and he, from the perspective of a Singaporean in New York City.

He and I met up the other evening for a light bite and a drink before his gig at Artistry and discovered that we completed our MFAs at the same college at the same time with the same professors (in different genres). What are the chances?

Anyways, you should, one: add Singapore Poetry to your blog reader; two: if you live in New York City or will be in the United States this October, attend the Singapore Literature Festival, co-chiared by Koh and Paul Rozario-Falcone; and three: help fund the Festival. For the Festival, ten Singapore-based fiction writers, poets, playwrights, and storytellers will be joined by six Singaporean writers based in the United States. The festival will take place in various locations around the City, including 92nd Street Y, NYU Writers House, Book Culture, and McNally Jackson.