Typesettingsg by Yao Yu


I visited Singapore’s only handset typesetting studio, Typesettingsg, earlier today. Founder Yao Yu’s workspace, located on the second floor of a charming Pearl’s Hill Terrace commercial building, houses his ever-growing collection of metal and wood type, tabletop Adana and Kelsey letterpresses, and samples of his exquisite handiwork.

I haven’t touched movable type in years; there are no studios in Singapore, as there are in New York City, where one can learn good presswork, including inking, imposition, and impression. It was truly a thrill to see Typesettingsg‘s collection! 

Yao Yu’s has an energetic, inspirational passion for letterpress. He designs and constructs his own type cases, compartmentalized wooden boxes used to store movable type; he makes his own paper (and dries it in the courtyard outside his studio); he sources movable type from foundries around the world.

Typesettingsg aims to be the educational resource for handset typesetting for artists in the region. Yao Yu currently conducts one-on-one workshops for design students and creative professionals in his space and can, occasionally, be found toting his portable Kelsey letterpress around town, conducting demonstrations at artists’ markets and such. His studio is open, so please drop him a line if you would like to visit!