Wardah Books


Pooja’s tour of Singapore’s bookstores continues!

Today, on this public holiday, I spent the afternoon at Wardah Books, a cozy store on Bussorah Street. Owner Ibrahim Tahir stocks an astounding collection of English-language books on Islamic philosophy and Sufism. I spent much of my time browsing the Sufism stacks; as I’ve written before, Sindhi Hindus have established unconventional practices and heritage in the context of their diaspora, such as the inclusion of Sufi Saints into their pantheon.

I loved the cheeky section titles in Wardah Books, such as “Reign of Quantity” (books critical of modern capitalism) and “Matters Still Unfolding” (books on politics and Islam) and appreciated the store’s warm, knowledgable, and passionate staff. Lastly, the bookstore also carries an excellent selection of children’s books (which kept my toddler occupied) and Islamic music CDs.

I plan to return next week (with wads of cash) to raid Wardah Books’ Islamic arts and local history shelves.

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