Grassroots Book Room


And I thought I’d been to all the bookstores in Singapore. A Twitter friend, Kay, recently directed me to Grassroots Book Room (420 North Bridge Rd., #03-05), a largely Chinese language bookstore founded by Yeng Pway Ngon, Singapore’s 2003 Cultural Medallion Winner for Literature.

They writes: “They’ve got a fairly interesting collection of local authors. They also have some books about/by political dissidents—definitely something hard to find in Singapore. They carry some queer Singapore literature too; I’ve bought GASPP: A Gay Anthology of Singapore Poetry and Prose by Ng Yi-Sheng and the Asian Boys trilogy by Alfian Sa’at there, and I’ve spotted a compilation of twenty-five speeches given at a People Like Us event, too.”

I popped by earlier today and couldn’t decide what to buy! Grassroots Book Room has a large shelf of eclectic English titles, from art monographs to novels to children’s picture books. I hope to return next week with more cash.

o o o o o

So, what other little-known Singapore bookstores do you know of that I need to know of?