Mummy, I Can Cook! and Natalie.e

Several years ago, I wrote a bloggers’ guide to Singapore, a handy-dandy list of real people and great resources in this amazing city. Since posting that post, I’ve added even more blogs to my RSS reader; here are two new foodie favorites. (Yes, yes, I’m so 2004. I read lots of blogs.)


Mummy, I Can Cook! is by graphic designerfreelance food stylist, and writer Shu Han Lee, who divides her time between Singapore and London. Many of her posts are illustrated (love!). I adore her “Mee” and “Kueh” posters; they may find themselves onto my kitchen walls soon. Don’t miss these posts: How To Make Bouncy 100% FishballsBunny Biryani; and The Ultimate Guide to Thai Curries.




My friend, Weylin, sent me a link to Natalie.e, baker Natalie Eng’s gorgeous blog. This pastry-fiend divides her time between Paris and Singapore, where she has worked in the kitchens of both Antoinette Singapore and Bar Stories Singapore. Her styling is to die for! Don’t miss these posts: Tarte TatinAn Assortment of Doughnuts; and Yuzu Caramels with Smoked Salt.

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New or new-to-you Singapore blogs to recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments!