Photography by Nguan




A friend recently turned me onto the photography of Nguan, an enigmatic picture-maker who only goes by one name. He was born and raised in Singapore and studied film and video production at Northwestern University. He spent over a decade in the States, photographing such oft-shot locations as New York City and Los Angeles. I was completely taken with his unique photographs of Coney Islandone of New York City’s most iconic—and most photographed—places

Since 2010, he has turned his gaze home, to Singapore. The images in his series Singapore are dreamlike and arresting; what is so striking about his work is not only the soft, warm light that colors each image, “but also for his ability to freeze quiet, almost shockingly clear and uncontrived moments amid such a dense sea of people and history.” His monograph, How Loneliness Goes (2013)is “about those of us who abide in the city… My wish is for this book to wander in my stead, exist as a testament to existence, and credibly proffer the possibility of beauty as a balm for everyday sorrow.”

Read this fantastic interview with Nguan on The Great Leap Sideways.

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