Knitting Party by MOMSHOO


I spent several hours this weekend at MOMSHOO’s “Knitting Party” at The Substation. Shu Ning and her mother (“Shoo” and “Mom”) make adorable fabric toys and accessories, and now, in collaboration with The Substation, are carrying out Singapore’s first “yarn bombing.” Yarn bombing (or yarn storming or guerrilla knitting or graffiti knitting) is a type of street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.

MOMSHOO is inviting knitters (no experience necessary!) to knit swatches. These patches will then be sewn together to form In the Pipeline. The installation draws inspiration factories and scaffolding, and, once installed, will adorn the foyer and pillars of The Substation. It will make reference to The Substation’s role as a generator of new ideas and a space for experimentation, while recalling the building’s history as a power substation and as a pioneer art space for the local arts.

All volunteers will be credited alongside the artwork. Knitting materials and light refreshments were provided, but many participants brought their own needles!

The party continues on Saturdays and Sundays, April 26, May 10, 24, April 27, May 11, 25. Admission is free, but you must register by emailing or calling 6337 7535.

Connect with MOMSHOO on Facebook, shop their Etsy store, and view all their creations on Flickr.

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