Fun with Music! by The Philharmonic Winds


We spent Sunday evening at “Fun with Music!” a special concert by The Philharmonic Winds, an orchestra that was formed in 2000 and now has more than 70 dedicated members, from secondary students to working professionals.

This new concert, a concert for families under the artistic leadership of Music Director Leonard Tan, featured some incredibly enchanting compositions and two beautiful collaborations.

It was our toddler’s first music concert, and she generally had a ball. She was enraptured by “Cloudburst” by Ministry of Bellz’s sand artist, Lawrence Koh, and a telling of “Alex and the Phantom Band,” based on the story “The Thirteenth Hour” by Kathryn Maslanka, and narrated by virtuoso storyteller Kamini Ramachandran. (I’m a huge fan of Kamini!)

We adults enjoyed “Whistler and his Dog” a composition for piccolo and tuba, featuring Andy Koh and Wong Yin Xuan respectfully, and “A Grand Grand Overture for Three Vacuum Cleaners, One Floor Polisher, and Concert Band.” Yes, vacuum cleaners and floor polishers.

The concert was advertised to be 70 minutes long; it ran nearly 120 minutes! Had I known, I likely would not have bought tickets. And perhaps other parents would not have either? I saw many an antsy toddler and preschooler in Circle 3, where we were sitting. Host William Ledbetter was a quite long-winded and very un-funny, but he redeemed himself as narrator in the ultimate act, “The Three Bears: A Phantasy.”

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