Rapunzel by The Little Company


Since seeing our first children’s theatre production, I’ve been scouring the SISTIC website for more toddler-friendly performances. I now have a wad of tickets for theatre, dance, and music shows through to August!

o o o o o

Earlier today, we caught Rapunzel, a musical theatre production by The Little Company, a division of The Singapore Repertory Theatre. This retelling features long-locked Rapunzel, a chili crab- and chicken rice-cooking witch named Esme, a cartography-loving prince named Montague, and a bevy of zany animals.

Cheryl Tan, who plays Rapunzel, has a sprightly and commanding presence, just perfect for theatre written for wee ones. The music, by Youn Young Park (music) and Susannah Pearse (lyrics), is fantastic; we are still singing several of the songs hours later. And the play features humor and local popular and cultural references to make parents smile, such Esme’s running off to meet Gordon Ramsey.

I found the puppetry to be somewhat clumsy and spiritless, but my toddler’s eyes lit up each time Harriet the Bird, handled by Pamela Imperial, or Chester the Camel, handled by Jejie Esguerra, appeared on stage.

I’ll end with this: as we left the theatre, my child said, “I want to see it again!”

Rapunzel closes on April 30. Weekday performances are at 10AM and 2PM (selected days). Weekend performances are at 11AM and 2PM.