Crafting/DIY Supplies in Singapore: A Guest Post by Jasmine Koh of Scissors Paper Stone


Like many DIY-ers, I scour the city for tools and supplies and am always looking for recommended suppliers.

Jasmine Koh helms Scissors Paper Stone, one of of my favorite blogs. She offers readers simple, beautifully-photographed DIYs and and “life hacks” and pens her thoughts on nurturing creativity.

She also shares her tips for crafting in this city-state in her blog series, “Singapore Secrets,” and I knew she would be the best person to recommend her favorite resources in Singapore for crafting and DIY supplies to me… and you!

To Jasmine…

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I love crafting in simple and unusual ways. When I lack inspiration, I head to the shops for a craft supply hunt.

Often the fun is finding something that I didn’t know I was looking for! This sometimes leads me to make something that I hadn’t planned, which is a nice surprise.

Art Friend

A trip to Art Friend (231 Bain St., elsewhere) is always a treat for me; it is almost impossible for me to leave without buying something. I love their wide range of art and craft supplies. I normally stock up on blank canvas pencil cases, tiny wooden stands, and the transparent plastic ornaments, all of which are great for gifts. If you are familiar with “Shrinky Dink” sheets, you can also find them here.


Another craft mecca is Spotlight (68 Orchard Rd. Floor 5). The shop takes up half a floor and has racks of sewing supplies, as well as party goods and crafting supplies. I love roaming the aisles at Spotlight for fabric and items that don’t require sewing—I’m horrible at sewing—such as fusible web, eyelets, and hooks.


If you are looking for craft items at a bargain, visit Diaso (1 Harbourfront Walk, Floor 3, elsewhere) at one of their many outlets all over Singapore. Diaso is my go to source for wooden blocks, but you can find felt, origami paper, Japanese fabric, and so much more.

Sin Hin Chuan Kee

Sin Hin Chuan Kee (798 N. Bridge Rd.) is where you will find stockings in all different shades, zippers in every length and colour, feathers, trimmings, and ribbons. When I was a new mother, I used to sling my baby and head there in the afternoons to hunt for special craft finds!

Kin Soon

A few streets away from Sin Hin Chuan Kee is Kin Soon (36 Arab St.). They sell a wide selection of ribbons, large packs of glitter, burlap cloth, and alligator clips.

Golden Dragon

My mother is an educator and, when I was younger, we would make many trips to Golden Dragon (51 Upper Cross St.) to hunt down a specific craft supply to create props for her lessons or with which her students to craft. You will find beads, embroidery supplies, felt, cross stitch designs, and knitting tools here.

Scrapbook Shops

Although I am not a scrapbooker, I really enjoy using scrapbook materials for crafting. I normally stock up on scrapbook paper, stickers, alphabet chipboard, paper punchers, and stamps at Junior de Artist (238 Thomson Rd.), Made with Love (313 Somerset Rd. Basement), Paper Market (252 North Bridge Rd.), and “K”rafers Paradise (180 Kitchener Rd). You can also find silhouette cutting machines and diecut machines at these stores.

Beacon Educational

Slightly off the beaten track is Beacon Educational (998 Toa Payoh N.), which is located in an industrial factory in Toa Payoh. They sell educational products to schools, but also have a section with art and craft supplies for children. As they sell their wares mainly to schools, call and make an appointment before visiting. When I made a piñata for my son’s birthday, I purchased large bottles of white glue and crepe paper from Beacon Educational.

Packaging Shops

Pack Everything (302 Ubi Avenue 1) and SKP (4 Sago Ln., elsewhere) both have an extensive range of packaging goods that include kraft paper boxes, paper bags, Chinese take out boxes, tissue paper, and crepe paper, all in an assortment of colours.

Stationery Shops

However, if you just need really basic craft supplies, such as Sharpies or glue sticks, Popular (231 Bain St., elsewhere) and Evergreen Stationery (180 Kitchener Rd., elsewhere) may well have what you are looking for.

I hope that my little tour will help you find what you are looking for. However, if you are still feeling lost and need some extra help in finding a specific item, you can find me crafting at my blog. I will be glad to put down my scissors and see if I can point you in the right direction.

Happy Crafting!

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Dear readers, do you have a recommended shop not on this list? I’d add Mustafa Centre (145 Syed Alwi Rd.). Those of you who know Mustafa Centre well know that you often find items that you never knew you needed! It’s a great place to find materials and tools that inspire art and craft.

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(Additional credits: Collage by Jasmine Koh of Scissors Paper Stone.)

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