Aide de Camp



‘Kay, so I’m in the market for a new camera bag. I usually carry my gear in a small, nondescript, black bag that was purchased way back when with my beloved Canon AE-1. While browsing, a Singapore-based online marketplace, I stumbled upon Aide de Camp, a line of utilitarian and stylish camera bags.

Founder and photographer Michele Ng discovered that most camera bags favored practicality over style and used heavy materials or added unnecessary details without providing enough space for personal items. Michele’s friends were resorting to wrapping their DSLR cameras in scarves and tossing them in their evening bags.

Aide de Camp‘s bags are lightweight and water resistant, have removable padding, and feature a removable cross body strap. They are also not cheap; The “Evie“, the bag that I have my eye on, is SG$279.00! Birthday splurge, maybe?

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