Varnamala: The Hindi Alphabet and Shapes by Coonoor Kripalani

book_coonoor_aakaarThe Hindi-language and bilingual shelves of our home library contain an assortment of primary school textbooks from which I mastered the language, pre-school educational materials that I helped produce, and picture books acquired on many recent trips to India.

Several weeks ago, a friend found several Singapore-published pre-school bilingual books at the Select Books moving sale and picked them up for me. Varnamala: The Hindi Alphabet (वर्णमाला) and Shapes (आकार), both by Coonoor Kripalani and illustrated by Yasmin Mehra, are two of four books published by Global Indian Publications, the publishing arm of the Global Indian Foundation-Singapore.

Mehra’s illustrations are attractive and my toddler can’t stop flipping through these ring-bound texts. And, a plus: she’s picked up a few new vocabulary words (अनार [pomegranate], इमली [tamarind], ऐनक [eyeglasses]) since we’ve put the alphabet book into our rotation. Yay!

The books have been edited and reviewed by Sapna Sunder, a Hindi teacher and manager of the Hindi Centre in Singapore, and Dr. Anju Sharma, Head of the Hindi Department at the Global Indian International School, a private K-12 institution, in Singapore.

I’m off to find the other two titles in this series—Colors (रंग) and Counting (गिनती)!

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