art from junk by Woon Jing Yee


Several months ago, I exchanged Tweets with @artfromjunk, a studio that specializes in hand-painted upcycled and vintage furniture. Woon Jing Yee, lawyer-turned-artist, had Tweeted photographs of reproduction Peranakan tiles and I was curious as to where she had picked them up. Since then, I’ve keenly followed her Twitter stream and marveled at the immense growth of her small business.

art from junk sources second-hand pieces from local furniture dealers. Jing Yee chooses that are well made and are still in good condition, and have unique design features. The furniture, from tables to chairs, undergo an incredible transformation in her home studio. She has no formal art training, but draws inspiration from vintage patterns and motifs, especially those that have their origins in Southeast Asia.

art from junk’s wares aren’t cheap; prices range from SG$350 (“Peranakan Tile Table II“) to SG$2,000 (“Mosaic Dining Table“), but they are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Her blog chronicles her artistic process and offers fellow DIYers step-by-step tutorials, such as “How to Prepare Furniture for Painting.”

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