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Recently, I’ve also noticed new (or new to me) maker spaces offering all sort of crafty workshops and continuing education. This so wasn’t the case when we moved to Singapore just a few years ago! from Eunice Yeo’s Heaven in a Wild Flower to Irene Hoofs’ Bloesem Class (more on this venture next week) to Ruth Tan’s The Workroom, these studios offer inspiration and community to novice and experienced artists.

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Pauline Ibarra of happy hands project, a hand calligraphy and design outfit that I’ve admired for some time now, has been conducting introductory workshops in several of these venues.

Pauline is a super-talented lettering artist and calligrapher. She has a background in fine arts and visual communications and has always been a lover of typography, handmade art, and stationery. (A woman after my own heart!)

“I came to Singapore a little over six years ago,” she told me. “I was looking for a bit of adventure and independence! For several years, I sustained myself through graphic design, until I was reunited with my love for crafting and lettering.

“I have been lettering since I was young; I labelled my cousins’ and classmates’ school projects and prepared handmade scrapbooks. Returning to lettering and calligraphy years later made me realize that it is indeed the art form that I love the most! Two years ago, I decided to teach myself modern calligraphy. I must admit it was a struggle at first! Even now, I am constantly practicing, studying, learning, and sharing.”

Though her next workshop at The Workroom is now sold out (boo!), you can subscribe to her mailing list to be the first to hear about future offerings!

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  1. this is totally what i’ve been looking for! dang i missed the first round, but signing up for the mailing list now!