The Thistle Bindery


When I began teaching the book arts in Singapore in 2011, there were few, if any, other teachers in the country. Thankfully, that has changed over the past few years! Singapore’s book arts’ scene is ever-growing.

The Thistle Bindery, founded in 2013, focuses on teaching traditional bookbinding techniques and exploring the history of the book in Southeast Asia. Artist Ian first came to know of the book arts while living in Edinburgh. He has trained at The Owl and Lion Bindery and Tanner Bates Traditional English Leatherwork and has mastered a range of book structures and is knowledgable about various materials and techniques.

The bindery has recently partnered with The Arts House. The Thistle Bindery’s [A Bookbinding Cause] series of workshops introduces budding book artists to various traditional hand bookbinding techniques. Ian’s March workshops—long stitch binding and link stitch binding—are now open for registration. Proceeds from [A Bookbinding Cause] will be donated to Loving Heart.

I rarely have the opportunity to teach these sort of advanced techniques; my venue partners are community-oriented (community centers, libraries, schools) and often request classes that are largely introductory*. So, go! Learn from a fellow book artist in Singapore.

(*I will be teaching a slew of free workshops over the next few months. Wanna stay in the loop? There are more classes in the works! If you are interested in bookmaking classes in Singapore, please subscribe to my book arts mailing list.)