NONG and Naiise


I grew up eating fresh vegetables from my parents’ garden. They didn’t farm their own produce because they were proto-hipsters; they did because, then as new immigrants, it was by far the most economical thing to do. Decades later, they continue to sow seeds and reap the economic and health benefits of their bounty.

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Given my “farm to table” childhood, I’m always interested in learning about new urban and suburban gardening initiatives, especially here in Singapore.

NONG Pop Up Store is a collaboration between, an online marketplace, and Edible Gardens, a movement that aims to promote urban farming in Singapore. The shop features a retail space carrying a mix of sustainably sourced, upcycled and locally designed kitchenware, furniture, stationery, and gardening equipment; organic gardening, herb propagating (for which I’ve registered), and urban beekeeping workshops; and a real farmers’ market where chefs from local restaurants like The Cajun King and Morsels cook food using ingredients from NONG’s garden.

The pop-up, which runs until the end of March, can be found on the rooftop of People’s Park Complex.

Connect with Edible Gardens on Facebook to register for workshops throughout the month of February. Connect with Naiise on Facebook and follow Naiise on Twitter.

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