Postcard from Bangkok at momfilter


I’m once again over at momfilter today, a lifestyle blog for families, created by Pilar Guzmán and Yolanda Edwards, the founding editors of the now-defunct but still-beloved Cookie Magazine. “Postcard from Bangkok” is the second of several short reflections on travel and family.

An excerpt:

Bangkok is a popular destination for Singapore’s residents; many of our friends expressed surprise when we told them that we hadn’t yet, in our nearly three years here, visited the chaotic and inviting city.

We recently took advantage of a rare four-day weekend* to travel to the Thai capital.

I have recently become so enchanted with A’s, now nineteen-months-old, magical thinking. And this flit between imagination and reality was on display during our morning jaunt to Wat Pho, the largest and oldest wat (temple) in Bangkok and home to an enormous reclining Buddha.

But it was not the impressive, imposing Buddha, gilt in gold foil and mother-of-pearl, in which A was interested. She traipsed about the temple complex’s sprawling grounds–nearly 20 acres of courtyards, gateways, and stunning temple structures.

A adores lions. The wild cat’s roar was the first animal sound she could reproduce on demand. (She is indeed our “Singapore [City of Lions] baby.”) So, when she came upon a Chinese guardian lion, she was overjoyed. She would not stop chatting with it. And she would not budge from that spot despite our protestations that, yes, yes, Lion was her dear friend, but wouldn’t she enjoy meeting Sheep as well?

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(*This trip was taken during the Hari Raya/National Day long weekend in August.)