When I Grow Up I Want to Paint Like…


While browsing books with my toddler in a toyshop the other day, I stumbled upon a series of children’s books published by the soon to open National Art Gallery Singapore. When I Grow Up I Want to Paint Like Cheong Soo Pieng and When I Grow Up I Want to Paint Like Liu Kang are delightful paperbacks with a range of activities (coloring pages, journaling prompts, etc.) inspired by the lives and works of two of Singapore’s most iconic visual artists.

These books are beautifully produced and include large full-color reproductions of the artists’ most famous works. They are a welcome addition to our ever-growing “Singapore home library.”

(But, personally, as an educator and editor, I would’ve shied away from the title phrase “when I grow up I want to paint like.” Yes, I know that art students are encouraged to mimic their favorite artists in order to master certain aspects of the craft. But these are books that attempt to introduce toddlers to two very important local artists and, one hopes, to inspire them to develop their own unique visual vocabulary.)

(Additional credits: Image via The National Gallery Singapore.)