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I stumbled upon Bamboobee‘s high-tech, hand-crafted bamboo bicycles while flipping through an in-flight magazine on a recent journey.

​Singapore Management University graduate, Ah Sun Chuah, launched Bamboobee upon returning from his “Circle of Life” expedition, a 6,103 kilometer ride through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, on his homemade bamboo bicycle.

​Now, I’m no cycling enthusiast. (An accident several years ago rocked my confidence and left my right knee badly injured. I haven’t pedaled since.) But I am a design enthusiast and I think Bamboobee’s bicycles are beautiful, especially the Revolution Nostalgic (top). I’m a sucker for a bike with a basket!

Prices range from US$999 to US$3399—Bamboobee claims to “bring bamboo bikes to the masses,” yet this is absolutely a luxury buy—and can be purchased via the Bamboobee website and Etsy.

(Additional credits: Photographs via Bamboobee.)