Singapore Icon Studio Project by S U P E R M A M A



I think I’ve found that very special ceramic gift for a very special person…

o o o o o

The Singapore Icons Studio Project, a collection of ceramic ware by S U P E R M A M A, is brilliant!

S U P E R M A M A designer and co-owner, Edwin Low, asked five design studios to pay homage to everyday and familiar images and explore the possibility of identifying, beyond the Merlion, a “new” Singapore icon.

Each collection retails for $35.00; each item can also be purchased individually (chopstick stand: $5.00; saucer: $10.00; plate: $20.00).

Now, of course, I’m stumped as to which one to buy! HDB by Chang Shian Wei or The Dancing Joaquim by Quiet Studio or National Bird of Singapore by Relay Room or… ?