Pekoe & Imp


My parents are visiting us from the States and, last Wednesday, I treated them to a Pekoe & Imp “tea tasting” at Atomi in Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road.

Pekoe & Imp, a pop-up “cafe,” is Hongyuan and Jaq’s homage to unblended teas. Hongyuan co-owns Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar and cannot survive without her Oolongs and Darjeelings. Jaq, a former public servant (and my friend), has recently immersed herself the world of tea. She loves experimenting with vessels and learning how each one brings out a brew’s many layers.

Our tasting, a series of seven teas, was personal and informative. Hongyuan and Jaq tailor each session to their guests’ particular interests. The tasting lasted almost an hour and my parents experienced an incredible range of tea. Much to Hongyuan and Jaq’s surprise, my father appreciated most a rare Chinese yellow tea, Junshan Yinzhen (君山银针), which has a bitter and medicinal taste! Truly, their afternoon at Pekoe & Imp has been one of the highlights of their trip.

o o o o o

So, go! And soon! Pekoe & Imp close shop at Atomi on March 22. Each tasting costs SG$25 per person. I highly recommend that you make an appointment via email ( so that Hongyuan and Jaq can prepare for your visit.

Hongyuan and Jaq will be organizing weekend tea appreciation workshops in April, May, and June. Their next pop-up cafe will be in July (venue TBD).

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