Ceramics by Jessie Lim and Wee Hong Ling


I’m on the hunt to purchase a piece of pottery as a very special gift for a very special person. So, I thought, “Why not invest in something ‘Singapore-made’?”

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Twitter (natch) led me to Singaporean ceramicists Jessie Lim and Wee Hong Ling.

Lim has been a professional potter in 1986. She creates utilitarian ware as well as sculptural forms (LOVE!). She uses a wide range of techniques and incorporates natural materials, such as granite chips and black volcanic sand, into her work.

Lim’s first solo exhibition in Singapore was in 1988 at the National Museum Art Gallery (the predecessor to the Singapore Art Museum). Since then, she has shown worldwide, including exhibitions in Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Sweden.

Lim’s installation, Journey, a series of black and white organic forms can be found at the Supreme Court. Community Wall, a raku clay and tempered-glass installation of nearly 1000 separate pieces, sits at the outdoor entryway of Marina Barrage.

I’ve seen a lot of public art in this tiny city but have yet to check out Lim’s work. I’m so enchanted by her use of texture and shape.

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Wee is a New York City-based Singaporean. She discovered her passion for clay during her pursuit of a Ph.D. in geography. Since completing her doctoral degree in 2005, she has been a full-time ceramicist who splits her time between the United States and Asia.

Wee has participated in numerous exhibitions all over the United States, Australia, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore and her works are in the permanent collections of the Singapore Art Museum, the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Japan), the Fule International Ceramic Art Museum (Fuping, China), and the Guangxi National Art Center (Nanning, China).

Her ceramics for use (cups, plates, vases, etc.) are just stunning. I’m very drawn to the reds and golds she seems to gravitate towards.

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Now, I don’t know if either of these talented women have work currently for sale. But I’m off to find out.

Do you know of other ceramicists working in or inspired by Singapore? 

(Additional credits: Orb (White Tiers). Stoneware, 36″x36″x36″.)