OH! 2013

OH! Marina Bay

Open House!, an annual art walkabout, is back! Previous editions invited viewers (and voyeurs) into people’s homes: on Niven Road, in Marine Parade, in Tiong Bahru. This year, OH! takes art lovers into the high-powered corporate offices in and around Marina Bay.

The inimitable Alan Oei, co-founder and curator, says, “Marina Bay is representative of Singapore in many ways. It’s designed [from the] top-down and made to manifest our ambitions to be a ‘global city.’ We think there are many different stories and encounters by which you can experience it.

This year’s show is themed ‘The Happiness Index,” and features 13 artists in six locations. Oei adds, “Marina Bay represents the crown jewel of Singapore’s urban planning. But people are asking [themselves], ‘We are a successful economy, but are we happy?’

As in previous editions, OH! 2013 includes photography, performance art, and site-specific installations. My personal Open House! 2013 highlights? Shubigi Rao’s installation of ink-soaked and deformed office ledgers; StudioKaleido’s collection of tongue-in-cheek “self-help books” (How to Spread the Flu Bug in the Office, How to Make a Sculpture from Office Supplies, How to Learn to Love Those Golden Handcuffs); and Frayn Yong’s delicate scale model of Marina Bay made entirely from mechanical pencil lead.

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If you’re keen, it’s on for two more weekends. The OH! Open House Marina Bay tours start at the DBS Auditorium (Level 3, Marina Bay Financial Centre). Tickets can be purchased at the door (SG$20). The art walk proceeds to the offices of DBS Asia Central at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Marina Bay Link Mall, the offices of Ann Tan and Associates at Far East Finance Building, the offices of Google at Asia Square, and the offices of Deutsche Bank at One Raffles Quay South Tower.