Two Years in Singapore

Two years ago on Wednesday, we left our beloved New York City for adventure in Singapore; we landed in Changi International Airport at 6:00AM on November 2, 2010.

So, today: a post to commemorate this milestone. Here are 24 of my favorite (and some of my most personal) posts to celebrate 24 months in Singapore!

  1. Kaya Toast for Breakfast
  2. Singapore Shophouses
  3. Visit to Armenian Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator
  4. Urban Exploration
  5. Singapore Biennale and Kallang Airport
  6. Detour: Johor Bahru (via the KTM Intercity Train)
  7. People-Watching in Singapore
  8. Bukit Brown Cemetery
  9. #StrangersonaTrain on Speakeasy
  10. South Asian Food and Singapore (So Far)
  11. Singapore and Paul Revere
  12. Singapore Philatelic Museum [UPDATED]
  13. Punggol Waterway
  14. Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011, Take Two
  15. Espiritu Flamenco by Flamenco Sin Fronteras
  16. A New Year, A New Baby
  17. #AdventuresinSinglish
  18. Women Helping Women: The Modern Midwifery of Ginny Phang at POSKOD.SG
  19. Eighteen Months in Singapore: A Yet To-Do List
  20. Gardens by the Bay and Garden City by Deanna Ng
  21. Pink Dot 2012 
  22. Singapore Literature in English
  23. Family Photographs by Ivan Tan Photography
  24. A Bloggers’ Guide to Singapore

(Additional Credits: Illustration by Diana Boyle of rooftop illustrations.)

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