Everything You Ever Wanted is Right Here by Dawn Ng

I’ve been gallery-hopping again…

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Artist Dawn Ng is best-known for Walter, an enormous, inflatable, beloved white rabbit that found himself in and around Singapore’s heartland housing estates. (Walter, 2009 [PVC helium float, 4×6 meters] is part of the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum.)

Her latest solo show, Everything You Ever Wanted is Right Here, at Chan Hampe Galleries, a cozy gallery in Raffles Hotel, is just as whimsical and tongue-in-cheek as Walter.

Everything You Ever Wanted is Right Here presents a series of poignant and irreverent photograph-based collages of Singapore. “Singapore is one of those countries that, for the most part, is seen as culturally flat or monolithic to the rest of the world,” Ng says. “But there are depths within depths to who we are and what we struggle with.

“This manifests itself in the tensions created by our collective obsessions, insecurities, and ambitions, which this series of work addresses,” she adds. “Everything You Ever Wanted is Right Here works as a mirror of our times. I think anyone could walk up to any piece in this collection and recognize a part of themselves in it.”

Don’t miss this one. Everything You Ever Wanted is Right Here runs until September 24, 2012.

(Additional credits: HDB Corridor, 2012. Archival inkjet print collage. 161x120cm; Egg, 2012. Archival inkjet print collage. 161x120cm; Grass, 2012.   Archival inkjet print collage. 161x120cm; Flats, 2012. Archival inkjet print collage. 139x104cm. Images provided by Chan Hampe Galleries.)

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  1. I loved Dawn Ng’s ‘Thirty-one Kinds of Wonderful’ at the Future Proof Exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum at 8Q earlier this year.