Departing the Departed 旅立ち by pang + kanako at The Substation

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve only visited The Substation, Singapore’s first independent contemporary arts centre, twice (including today). The Substation is “committed to nurturing ‘local voices’ in Singapore arts and culture, and supporting diversity and depth in the arts… The Substation presents a wide range of artists and programmes, from traditionally-trained dancers to local rock bands; established visual artists to young poets; publications to international short film festivals; experimental theatre to seminal conferences on Singapore arts and culture.

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Earlier this afternoon, I popped by The Substation to view Departing the Departed 旅立ち by pang + kanako, a young, Singapore-based art collective. Calvin Pang is an artist-designer; Kanako Furukawa, a ceramicist. Departing the Departed is a site-specific installation work, in which the gallery floor is covered by thousands of small, white, porcelain flowers, each individually handmade and sculpted by the artists.

It’s a delicate, meditative, participatory installation that invites viewers to reflect on the nature of mortality and impermanence. Upon our departure from the gallery, we were invited to take a ceramic flower home with us.

Read a short interview with the duo at Muse: Art, Design, and Culture in the Little Red Dot.

Departing the Departed 旅立ち closes on July 29, 2012.

(Additional credits: Photograph provided by The Substation.)